Sunday, November 14, 2010

Awkward Beginnings

After much consideration and hours of prayer, I've decided to do it.

Let the blogging commence.

I promised myself that I would never write a blog consistently. "It boring", I told myself. "No one actually reads blogs." "Who would honestly read your blog?"

So, after consulting with my great team of experts (Cassie and Facebook), I have decided to do it. The hardest part so far? The title.

I truly believe that millions more books than we have now would have been written if people could have just come up with a cool, creative title. Many times I would dream of being the next great author, but the great title alluded me.

As I did my best to come up with a title that would catch the eye of the world, I quickly realized I was aiming too high. I had no reason to have the greatest title; my title should reflect the purpose of my content.

My goal in writing a blog is not to experience the onset of premature carpal tunnel syndrome or to have another reason to stare at the light that mysteriously draws me in from my glowing screen. My true goal is to encourage honest conversations between people. I look at my generation, a group called the "Mosaics", and I feel like I am one of the millions who want nothing more but an opportunity to express my opinion, hear a rebuttal, and adapt my opinion accordingly. I cannot be the only one who is tired of being told by previous generations how great things were and how we should do things exactly the same.

Don't get me wrong. Our parents and grand-parents did some great things. Civil rights was incredible. Fighting for the world's freedoms was brave.
But wearing leisure suits? Gold chains and bracelets on men? Allowing the Wonder Years to get cancelled?
You could never convince me that yesterday was better than our future.

Which brings me back again to my goal: conversation. I read a few blogs and noticed one common thing- a lot of them sound like a guy behind a keyboard ranting about his terrible life or women sharing recipes. Very few promote real conversation between people. My hope is that, by reading this, my blog turns from a monologue to a dialogue and eventually a pluralogue. To come clean, I will say that I don't think "pluralogue" exists. When I googled it I found it used it a book that sounded like no one had ever read it: "Viennese Heritage: Karl Buehler's Theory of Language". Since the word has never been used in common speech, I'll take it upon myself to define it.
    Pluralogue (noun)-
 1. A conversation between the members of a large group of people
 2. A conversation between separate large groups of people
 3. A sandwich consisting of every kind of lunchmeat except those ending with "wurst"

When my children are old enough to read this blog, I hope I can look back and know I fulfilled my goal.

Let the conversations begin!

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